Blueberry Software's Filtrix converts text and graphics from one format to another. Choose among formats such as Framemaker, Word, HTML, Wordperfect, Interleaf, and many others. It converts text, styles and formats, headers and footers, footnotes, autonumbers, tables, and graphics. Filtrix is not supported on 64-bit systems (Windows 7 & higher). If you're interested in trying it, download the free demo. It's very simple to use and requires only six steps:

1. Select the Source File Type
2. Select the Source File Directory/Folder
3. Select the file(s) you wish to translate
4. Select the Target File Type
5. Select the Target File Directory/Folder
6. Click the Translate button

Your conversions will be done in a few seconds!

If Framemaker is your source document format, save the file in MIF format before converting.  If it's Interleaf, save as IAF . For Quicksilver documents, if the "Save As" menu does not show "Release ASCII 6", then select Tools->Preferences->File and enable the "Show Full List of Format Choices for File Save As" setting, then save the document as Interleaf Release ASCII 6 before translating.

Filtrix reads and writes Word native format, so don't save as RTF.

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Last Updated: 8-21-14